30 Identity Traits

Why this List?

  1. Relationships Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend — Each focus may be what’s important for my phase of life. I think being a parent creates a lot of common ground conversation with other parents.
  2. Degree Engineer — What you studied vs what you do today is always an interesting comparison. Engineer at heart and principle.
  3. Work Solutions Architect — There’s a list of 30 about this. (Hopefully I’ll have enough list of 30 posts so I can use it as a tag line like “there’s an app for that”)
  4. Work IndustryBlockchain/Cryptocurrency (applied to Enterprise Use Cases / Financial Services) — Some people associate themselves in the anti-establishment ways. I have just said “I work in tech” to oversimplify.
  5. Age / Generational Labeling Millennial (in a good way) — This may determine sub cultures or references to common music and growing-up activities. Usually being the younger person in the conversation has made me more conscious of references.
  6. Geography NY-er at heart / Coloradoian transplant — Commonalities around travel and local norms and changes in life style. See post on 30 Denver suburban life changes.
  7. Nationality Asian American — Grew up in… Born in… — Your background shapes areas of importance and value
  8. Ethnicity Chinese — Connection on language or cultural norms. I usually only bring this up in positive cultural norms like taking off my shoes before entering the house and always talking about cooking/food.
  9. Culture Americanized Chinese — Raised by… Raised in a culture of… — There’s a common upbringing and especially for Chinese parenting, a pressure towards higher education and prestigious jobs with high paying salaries.
  10. Religion Agnostic — Connecting on common values, beliefs, and Sunday routines.
  11. GenderCisgender Male — I don’t know if I’ve explicitly described myself as a cisgender man. This is more common nowadays.
  12. Music Metal head? Free style rap? Karaoke singer? — Listening to similar bands or associations and common grounds of easy listening
  13. Dancing Swaying to pop music — Ballroom classics or whatever workout dance — Niche dancing internationally can also make connections.
  14. Exercise Palates — Yoga, Crossfit, Peloton — People are usually really into their workout routines. I prefer
  15. Diets Eats Everything — Vegan? Paleo? — Health may be a big part of your life and I always ask for diet restrictions when sharing a community of recipes
  16. Hobby (independent)Experimental cook, Photographer — Cooking all the things and flooded with YouTube suggestions on new recipes. Taking photos of all the things.
  17. Hobby (collector)Bottle caps — Magic cards, Cars, Rocks, Random things — Collecting items is an interesting way to find common ground
  18. Sports (group)Table tennis! — Getting together to play for fun or competitively is super fun and may lead to conversations about fandom.
  19. Sports Team (watching / fandom)Hockey, Rangers — Some people really get into following the seasons down to the upcoming draft picks. I just like watching it with friends.
  20. Learning style Through Teaching — Preparing to explain subjects helps me best understand the topic and anticipate questions to dig deeper. I’d identify this in group learning sessions.
  21. Introvert vs extrovert Outgoing introvert — Love talking to people, but recharge my energy being alone. Useful for intros or as a date question.
  22. Status Married — Single / Divorced / Widowed — If in a mingling situation, it’d be important to identify this to not give the wrong impression.
  23. Stance on Vices Social Alcoholic (and more recently pandemic alcoholic) — Tobacco Smoker / Pothead / Drug user — As a common social activity, it’s easy to bring up which vices are free to talk about and bring with you as a house gift.
  24. Alcohol of Choice IPA, Whisky — Wine / Cocktails — Dependent on people’s stance on drinking in general, but this usually dives deeper into passions with brewing or making drinks
  25. Type of Cook Random Recipes — Griller, Baker — I do savory more than sweets. Stews more than salads. Discussion needed for potlucks.
  26. Winter Activity Skier — Snowboarder / Drinker of hot chocolate in the cabin — I think this will come up in conversations. I want to ski on Christmas.
  27. Smartphone / Tech Windows / Android / Brave Browser — vs Apple / Mac — There’s a big divide here in technology fandom. Open source has its advantages, but there’s obviously a lower price point when you opt into all these other data selling mechanisms
  28. Company Size Startup — vs Corporate — I’ve often said I work for a startup (even though we’re 500+ people). It’s a source of pride to work for smaller companies in niche industries.
  29. Game Console of Choice PC / Mobile — Xbox vs PS vs Nintendo — Either way, they all hate mobile (probably because free downloads, in-game purchases, and ads have ruined so much).
  30. Creative Outlet Blogger, Drawing Journal — This has been brought up with hobbies, but explicitly on how to reflect on hard projects




Solution Architect @consensys and "guy that likes to write lists of 30"

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Clemens Wan

Clemens Wan

Solution Architect @consensys and "guy that likes to write lists of 30"

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