Random Observation/Comment #700: If you want to feel like a part of the ecosystem, then you’ll need to learn the lingo.

Why this List?

I wrote 30 blockchain buzzwords used by enterprises back in 2016 (and also 30 Smart Cities buzzwords). Now that mainnet is the new buzz, here’s the buzzwords and their definitions of the 2021 trends.

  1. DeFi — decentralized finance (or Democratized Finance, if you’re cool) — It’s a whole set of financial applications built on blockchain (mainly on Ethereum).
  2. Hodling (Hold On for Dear Life) — This is not a new buzzword, but I do feel like this wave is…

Random Observation/Comment #698: This is a Digital Civil War. We’re divided into our bubbles.

Understanding Attention

You’ve got a limited amount of time and an even more limited amount of attention in your day. The more decisions you make, the more tired you get. I’ve considered disconnecting from my phone — there’s a list of 30 for that ( 30 Value of Disconnecting). And ways to do it — 30 Ways to Disconnect (plus in Podcast form). But what do I actually do when I indulge? How is my bubble intentionally personalized? What apps do I use? …

Random Observation/Comment #696: Start building towards your legacy for the ones you care about most.

Learning From My Parents

My parents are retired and I often tell them, “Spend all your money, and you’ll make us very happy.” I want them to enjoy the experiences they sacrificed while chasing the American dream as immigrants. I want them to spend time on building relationships and enjoying a community. They’ve already passed on their legacy by giving me the gift of education and a loving home. There’s not much more I can ask for besides recipes and taxes. …

Random Observation/Comment #695: Composability and active personal digital asset management is under-valued within the cryptocurrency space.

Why this list?

Bitcoin is the pet rock blockchain. You can buy it, spend it, and save it, but that’s pretty much it. If you want to build applications and services on top of a network, I would recommend Ethereum. There’s so much more you can explore as a platform for true network-of-network effects.

If you were given a digital asset within a permissioned network (e.g. gift card that you can only spend at a store), the value of that asset within the network is only as…

Random Observation/Comment #693: Managing your finance should be a habit, but not an obsession. Re-evaluate quarterly and not daily.

Why this list?

Use your money as an asset to make more money. Any salary is good for maintaining, but once you reach your 30s and 40s and hopefully become debt free, you will eventually make more than your salary if you manage your investments properly. At the same time, there’s no such thing as free lunch, so don’t forget to invest in yourself and diversify.

NOTE: I am not a portfolio manager or financial advisor. This is not investment advice. …

Random Observation/Comment #681: DeFi — so hot right now.

Why this list?

Never a dull moment in the public mainnet and Enterprise Ethereum space. As broad stroke trends, I’ve noticed:

  • CBDC experimentation and Central Bank commitments for go-live (not to mention the Digital Yuan already being tested)
  • Stablecoins maintaining value for ecosystems to remove the need for fiat off-ramps
  • Payment companies looking at Blockchain technology to leverage their existing identity networks
  • Traditional Financial Digital Assets (e.g. private equity and bonds) experimentation on mainnet
  • DeFi growing to $11B with an incredible Q3 report

If I were an innovation lead in a bank’s IT team…

Random Observation/Comment #674: The new normal doesn’t have to be lonely. We are physically distancing, not socially.

Why this List?

Our new work from home world can be hard to navigate. Luckily, ConsenSys has been a remote-first company since the beginning. I’ve already created a set of self-organizing work posts from the pre-covid days:

In order to foster better community and culture within our global team, we’re looking at a program for rotating “team culture leads”. This person would voluntarily provide a 15–30 minute activity for their team pod in order to keep things playful. Here are some ideas:

  1. Webinar watch party —…

Random Observation/Comment #673: I’m okay with not flying for a while

Why this List?

In order to move cross country, we decided to suffer 4-hours and take the airport risk rather than driving over 3 days and take the hotel risk. Here are some tips we used on prep and execution for this flight.

Random Observation/Comment #672: Be someone that makes the world greener, cleaner, and kinder.

Why this List?

Our company recently did an identity workshop with The Collective. Underpinning the discussion was “What are 2–3 identity traits that you hold that strongly defines you?… And your mentors/mentees/connections?”

At first, I just wondered what labels I give myself and other labels that people give me. Thinking deeper, the group considered what identities we most want to relate to. Are we more trusting towards people that share these common traits?

I tend to adopt my identity to the specific situation. I’ve practiced this through traveling and creating…

Random Observation/Comment #670: The car buying process is broken and all dealership are finding ways to make profits. I’d personally use an “Amazon for buying cars” to reduce the stress of being upsold during the close.

Why This List?

I have driven quite a bit as a city dweller with zipcars and rentals during travel, but now I’ve entered into a new phase of car ownership. After doing some youtube searching and studying, I’ve learned quite a lot about this broken market. I’ve written this list into the steps I’ve taken from research to car closing.

Note: July 2020 is a terrible time…

Clemens Wan

Solution Architect @consensys and "guy that likes to write lists of 30"

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