End-to-End POAP Guide for Enterprises

POAP for Enterprise Events

Let’s say you’re working at a large enterprise innovation group and you want to sprinkle some fun blockchain exploration into your event. What can you do?

Happy Path Summary / Checklist

  1. Create an event on POAP’s backend — https://app.poap.xyz/admin/events — use a unique badge image (PNG file, 500×500 under 200kB)
  2. Distribute unique links — After looking at all the options, creating a poap.website with a QRcode is easiest
  3. Keep track of event attendance through the gallery view for your event — https://poap.gallery/
  4. Communicate with your attendees with material on how to install MetaMask Mobile and scan the QR code + copy public address to claim the POAP NFT badge
  5. Ask attendees to view their claimed rewards through poap scan or the mobile app by searching for their public address — https://app.poap.xyz/scan/
  6. Create a poap.fun raffle that uses your event badge as a pre-req for joining
  7. Present 30 minutes about Latest NFT trends and how-to for this event
  8. Run the raffle and let it pick a random winner!

What’s different in an Enterprise Environment?

Always collect your requirements by talking to your Compliance team and making sure you add disclaimers when you explain the process. Some questions you should ask:

  1. What takeaways do you want the attendees to have from this event engagement with NFT badges?
  2. Who will be attending the event and their level of comfort with NFTs and getting tools like MetaMask? — expect a low comfort with this
  3. Who will design the POAP Digital NFT Badge? — usually a media team, which needs 2–3 days of lead time
  1. Can attendees download browser extensions like MetaMask? — usually no
  2. Can attendees install MetaMask and POAP on their mobile phones? — yes, but with personal accounts
  3. Can attendees receive emails on mobile and open links? — yes to receive emails, but cannot open links from email app
  4. Can attendees access discord? How do we communicate? — usually no. message by email for troubleshooting or create a troubleshooting guide.
  5. Is it okay that the badge and the collectors are viewable by all parties? — yes, but with caveats telling attendees to use new temp accounts
  6. Are there any policies around sending tokens to attendees? Note that POAPs do not have a secondary market value. — yes, but we can create some exceptions with the right disclaimers

Design a POAP Badge

The best way to see what POAP badges look like is by exploring the POAP gallery — these will be cropped to a circle in a 500×500 <200kB PNG or APNG file

Create an Event

Shortcut access — https://app.poap.xyz/admin/events/new

  • Name of the POAP — Clear unique name for the event
  • Description — What is the POAP about?
  • Virtual Event (check) / City & Country (optional)
  • Start Date / End Date / Expiry — Minted date timespan — Claim codes will not work past Expiry Date
  • Website — Use a link that will reference your specific unique event instead of a recurring one
  • Template — This is for the redeem link hosting site. It can be customized by logos and colors.
  • POAP’s Artwork — PNG that must be 500x500px and less than 200kb — this will be a circular cutout
  • Edit Code — Once Saved, you will need this code to update the Event.
  • Email — Confirmation and list of all generated unique NFT redeem links
  • Number of Codes — Generates redeem links (Leave to 0 if you’re using poap.website)

Distribute Codes with POAP.website

A poap.website can be created for every event — https://app.poap.xyz/admin/websites — Use the edit code you received to update and unlock. You can create a timespan for hosting of this website.

  • Website name: website URL (no spaces, ASCII friendly characters)
  • Start Date: Date and time the website will be available
  • End Date: Date and time the website will expire
  • Timezone: select timezone
  • Requested Codes: Creates number of redeemable POAP badge codes
  • Active Website [checkbox]: Creates a standing website
  • Captcha Activated [checkbox]: Requires user to complete CAPTCHA to prevent bots from claiming

Test it out yourself!

Download your MetaMask Mobile app through Google or Apple Stores. If you already have a wallet, I highly recommend you create a separate account (just so you don’t dox your addresses).

Creating a Raffle

Shortcut link here: https://poap.fun/raffle/new

  • Raffle Name — Clear unique name for the raffle
  • POAP Selection — Multi-select POAP badges from events to be checked in order to participate in the raffle
  • Weighted Chance — Participants with multiple POAP badges gets one ticket per POAP
  • Raffle Date / Raffle Time — Start of the raffle day and time (in UTC -6) — Shown as a registration deadline.
  • Raffle Description — Describe the raffle. Information for the event.
  • Prizes — Write levels of winnings and any number of prizes
  • Contact — Enter email so winners can get in touch
  • Email Required for Participants — Users submit an email to register. Collected by the creator.

Describing POAP to Attendees

Some disclaimers you should make:

  • Yes, the creation process of a MetaMask account requires writing down your secret backup phrases. Please take this seriously as there’s no “forgot password” flow for your accounts by email. Your keys. Your crypto.
  • POAP Badges do not have a secondary market — they’re not made to be valuable for trading
  • It’s recommended to create separate accounts even if you are a familiar MetaMask user

What’s Next?

I love using POAP as an experiment because it also provides a way to re-engage with the same users. You can create new raffles off of these old badges and contact all the attendees. I also like thinking about these POAP badges and tokens as Permission tokens. It’s not as good as DIDs, but it does enough to help people understand how MetaMask and Web3 can be used as a different authentication and sign-on identity method.



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