My Curated Digital Bubble

Understanding Attention

You’ve got a limited amount of time and an even more limited amount of attention in your day. The more decisions you make, the more tired you get. I’ve considered disconnecting from my phone — there’s a list of 30 for that ( 30 Value of Disconnecting). And ways to do it — 30 Ways to Disconnect (plus in Podcast form). But what do I actually do when I indulge? How is my bubble intentionally personalized? What apps do I use? What do I do on my phone?

Understanding the Medium

For each of these inputs, I have a different level of attention. For example,

  • Audio is almost always playing during commutes, cooking, and jigsaw puzzling.
  • Videos are usually played when I’m working out on the rower or Peloton.
  • Reading and responding is done mostly during work hours.
  • Scrolling is used as leisure and zoning out (hopefully under 2 hours a day).


  • Stitcher Podcasts — So this seems like a lot, but I do listen to a lot of podcasts and this is already a very pared down list
  • Audible — Audiobooks — Enjoyable science fiction books mostly when doing jigsaw puzzles


  • YouTube — Comedy news (Colbert and Trevor Noah), cooking videos, random entertainment, table tennis, British TV shows (“Lie to Me” is short and funny, “Taskmaster” is awesome)
  • TED (app) — Inspirational videos — At least one a day


  • Email newsletters Substack subscriptions — crypto (the Defiant, Bankless, EthHub, Fintech Blueprint), enterprise blockchain, and work related
  • Medium — Following startups newsletters and random thoughts
  • NYTimes — Frontpage and latest with Coronavirus/Vaccines, Weekend stories are great
  • Google News — Colorado and NY local news with big headlines
  • LinkedIn — This is a great resources for reading curated work-related news
  • Reddit Frontpage — World news / WSB (although this is now flooded with non-sense)
  • Slack — Certain work channels and certain networks have great recommended links
  • 12 minutes — App for reading book summaries

Scrolling / Images

  • Instagram — Posts and stories — I like feed posts more than stories. I think reels are sometimes entertaining — This is how I stay updated with friends besides poking them randomly by text.
  • Twitter — Mostly crypto personality recommendations
  • Facebook — Rarely, maybe to post now and again


  • Slack / Discord — Sharing and responding for work
  • Messaging platforms — Conversations with a few key groups of friends from old companies or cliques
  • Email — This is getting more and more rare, which is great because they’re more urgent/important


  • Google -> Wikipedia — I’ve gone down some crazy wiki holes
  • Google Maps — All things related to real world searches



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Clemens Wan

Clemens Wan

Solution Architect @consensys and "guy that likes to write lists of 30"