My Curated Digital Bubble

Understanding Attention

Understanding the Medium

  • Audio is almost always playing during commutes, cooking, and jigsaw puzzling.
  • Videos are usually played when I’m working out on the rower or Peloton.
  • Reading and responding is done mostly during work hours.
  • Scrolling is used as leisure and zoning out (hopefully under 2 hours a day).


  • Stitcher Podcasts — So this seems like a lot, but I do listen to a lot of podcasts and this is already a very pared down list
  • Audible — Audiobooks — Enjoyable science fiction books mostly when doing jigsaw puzzles


  • YouTube — Comedy news (Colbert and Trevor Noah), cooking videos, random entertainment, table tennis, British TV shows (“Lie to Me” is short and funny, “Taskmaster” is awesome)
  • TED (app) — Inspirational videos — At least one a day


  • Email newsletters Substack subscriptions — crypto (the Defiant, Bankless, EthHub, Fintech Blueprint), enterprise blockchain, and work related
  • Medium — Following startups newsletters and random thoughts
  • NYTimes — Frontpage and latest with Coronavirus/Vaccines, Weekend stories are great
  • Google News — Colorado and NY local news with big headlines
  • LinkedIn — This is a great resources for reading curated work-related news
  • Reddit Frontpage — World news / WSB (although this is now flooded with non-sense)
  • Slack — Certain work channels and certain networks have great recommended links
  • 12 minutes — App for reading book summaries

Scrolling / Images

  • Instagram — Posts and stories — I like feed posts more than stories. I think reels are sometimes entertaining — This is how I stay updated with friends besides poking them randomly by text.
  • Twitter — Mostly crypto personality recommendations
  • Facebook — Rarely, maybe to post now and again


  • Slack / Discord — Sharing and responding for work
  • Messaging platforms — Conversations with a few key groups of friends from old companies or cliques
  • Email — This is getting more and more rare, which is great because they’re more urgent/important


  • Google -> Wikipedia — I’ve gone down some crazy wiki holes
  • Google Maps — All things related to real world searches




Solution Architect @consensys and "guy that likes to write lists of 30"

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Clemens Wan

Clemens Wan

Solution Architect @consensys and "guy that likes to write lists of 30"

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